Spiritual Principles and Practices

sky clouds, photo by mendhakBasic Principles

  • God is viewed as the ever-present, all-knowing and all-powerful Presence, Creator and sustainer of all Life; the Endless Light; Infinite Intelligence; Divine Mind; that within which we live, and move and have our being.
  • The human being is an individualized manifestation of an idea in the Mind of God, having the three-fold nature of body, mind and soul. Although intended as an instrument of God’s endless, boundless flow of perfect Life, Love, Joy and Peace, humankind has the freedom of choice to determine one’s own path and experience in this thing called life.
  • The individual soul is that part of our nature that is the bridge between our human experience and our eternal oneness with God.


  • God is Love and does not know hate, fear, punishment or favoritism. Spiritual Law exists to make sure one reaps what one has sown.
  • The primary Spiritual Laws include the Law of Cause and Effect (one gets back what one gives out), the Law of Attraction (one draws to one’s self that which is of like energy or vibration), and the Law of Circulation (the balanced cycle of giving and receiving).
  • Heaven and Hell are not places we go when we die, but the quality of our experiences that reflect our state of mind or consciousness. We make our own heaven or hell in the here and now.
  • Sin is a Biblical term translated from Greek and Hebrew, originating in archery and literally referring to missing a target; that is, making a mistake. We do not consider it a condition we are born into. Our mistakes can be corrected changing our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions.
  • Jesus is the way-shower who brought five major teachings to planet Earth represented by the acronym ENUFF (enough): E=Eternal Life; N=Non-judgment; U=Unconditional Love; F=Forgiveness; F=Father within.
  • Christ is the highest expression of God consciousness in human form, exemplified by Jesus and others who put on the Mind of Christ.
  • Our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions create the results we experience in life.
  • Divine Life Purpose for each individual is to give, love and serve.
  • Life Mission for each individual is to use one’s personal gifts of choice, passion, creativity, talent and skill to set Divine purpose into motion.

The Bible

  • The Bible is not a book in itself, but a compilation of many ancient writings and texts.
  • We study the Bible from an interpretive, allegorical point of view rather than a literal perspective. It can be seen as representing an evolution out of human fear and ignorance into spiritual awakening or enlightenment.

Prayer and Meditation

  • Healing Prayer (also referred to as Declarative Prayer) is an asking, or an inviting, of the wholeness, completeness and perfection of God into the human experience. It is not about begging God or expecting anything from God. Instead, it is about bringing our own mind and heart into alignment with the Flow of God’s Love and following the advice of the Master Teacher when he said, “Judge not according to appearance.” It is a declaration of God’s Truth beyond the human challenge and trusting that it is already so in the Mind of God.
  • Meditation is the practice of stilling the mind to restore calmness and inner peace. There are many forms of meditation that are beneficial to the body, mind and spirit of the individual. Fundamentally, it can be a way to experience the presence of God. Meditation differs from prayer in that it has no specific intention.

photo by mendhak