sunset, photo by pranavOur Purpose Statement
We are dedicated to inspiring, encouraging and empowering the individual. Our intention is to honor all people and help everyone understand that we all share the common purpose of giving, loving and serving God and each other; that is, allowing ourselves to be instruments of Holy Spirit, emanations of the One Endless Light, in a way that brings greater harmony, love, abundance and well-being to our individual lives and to the world in which we live.

Our Mission Statement
The Soul-Esteem Center’s mission is to provide a spiritual community for people to discover and realize their true identity as individualized expressions of Divine Love, the One Infinite Universal Intelligence, which we call God. We teach the practice of universal spiritual principles through which the One Source pours Its unlimited wholeness, harmony and perfection into one’s life to the degree that the individual fosters their faith in God and practices allegiance to Divine Love and Law. In doing so we enhance our experience of life, care for each other, and participate in the evolution of a peaceful and environmentally wholesome planet.

photo by pranav