Are you powered by your soul, or are you powered by your ego? If you are powered by your soul you will know it, because life will flow like a clear mountain stream. But if you are powered by your ego, you will feel stressed, impatient, frenzied and overwhelmed. Life won’t flow, it will just kind of ooze, much like tar – slow, thick and sticky. The bottom line is – your experience of life can happen with grace and ease, or with struggle and striving.

Your essence, or soul, has been infused with and molded out of Infinite Potential and is having a physical experience on this earth plane. It can experience itself as any part of the Infinite Potential that it chooses. Despite this physical experience, you are more than your body. It fact, you are not your body at all, any more than you are your car just because you’re driving it. If you can recognize the difference between your divine essence and the temporary personality and body that represent you during this lifetime, you will remember who is in charge – who is in the driver’s seat during this ride through the human landscape.

There’s a spiritual depth to you that must be discovered and brought to a conscious awareness. It is a spiritual depth in the realm of soul. The Soul-Esteem Center is all about empowering your soul. It’s about helping you find your own rhythm of life and spiritual freedom. It’s about helping you learn to lead life from the Self of Spirit.

Join us on Sundays for service at 10:30 a.m. We’ll do our best to lift your spirit and inspire your soul!

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