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Fundamentals of Metaphysical Spirituality 

Facilitated by Rev. Phylis Clay Sparks

6 Thursdays Starting March 2, 2017    7:00-9:30 pm

This is a required course for The SEC’s Mentor Training Program.

  • Learn what “Metaphysical Spirituality” really means, its
    language, and how it came to be.
  • Learn about the art and science of spiritual healing, the
    history of metaphysics, and how it differs from tradition.
  • Discover Spiritual Law, how it operates, and the relationship
    between mind, body and spirit.
  • Explore the Nature of God, and your relationship with God.
  • Learn about the role of Jesus and the Christ Consciousness.
  • Learn about Declarative Prayer, Meditation, and the role
    they play in one’s spiritual journey.
  • Learn how to construct powerful affirmations that work!

Class Fee: $145 at registration or $27 if paid weekly
(Early bird paid registration $120 if paid by Feb. 19, 2017)

Self-Love & Assertiveness – Moving You Forward in Life

With Nancy Cohen

Learn to appreciate yourself by identifying obstacles that block your ability to assert yourself and to feel genuine self-love!Define self-love and explore why it is important.

This class will help you:

  • Define assertiveness and discover why it is important.
  • Understand how different personality types affect our self-worth and our opinions of  others.
  • Identify obstacles that often block our ability to be assertive.
  • Identify obstacles which block our ability to feel genuine self-love.
  • Develop tools to increase our comfort level with assertiveness, to build harmonious relationships and to increase self-love.

3 Tuesdays, March 28, April 4 & 11, 2017
7:00 – 8:30 p.m.

Fee: $65 ($55 if paid by March 19) or $25 if paid weekly.
To Register: Call 314-275-7685, Email:
Send payment to: The Soul-Esteem Center

Get Your Joy Back

With Angie Monko

A Workshop for professional women
to help you be your Best Self
and experience happiness, well-being,
self-confidence, and increase your net worth!

  • Want to STOP trying to be everything to everybody and get your joy back?
  • Do you avoid conflict and rejection?
  • Do you say YES when you want to say NO?
  • Do you sacrifice self-care for the to-do list?
  • Do you feel like there’s never enough time or money?

                 THIS WORKSHOP

Wednesday, April 5, 2017
6:00-8:15 p.m.    
Fee: Love Offering

Empower Your Life with The Healing Science of Prayer & Meditation

with Rev. Phylis Clay Sparks

Rev. Phylis will present prayer and meditation techniques which can put “miracles” into motion in our life and in the lives for those whom you pray! The following will be included:

  • Learn a 7-Step Declarative Prayer method that gets results!
  • Explore why some prayers are answered and others are not.
  • Explore the application of universal principles in relationship to prayer.
  • We will focus our prayer on prosperity, relationships, health & career.
  • Learn about the role of meditation in effective prayer.
  • Find out what meditation is – and what it is not.
  • Dispel the myths about meditation.
  • Experience a variety of meditation techniques.

4 Thursdays beginning April 20, 2017    7:00 – 9:00 p.m.

Class Fee: $95 upon registration or $25 per session if paid weekly. Early bird special: $85 paid registration by April 16.

Remembering Your Soul’s Plan

With Rhonda Leifheit

Imagine that when your soul was still in spirit, you created plans and purposes for this life.
On this higher plane you had a clear vision of the opportunities and challenges ahead.
Imagine, too, that you could revisit this plane of consciousness to better understand
your intentions for this life.

In this experiential class we will use guided imagery, reflection, and discussion to help you:

  • Re-visit your “cosmic classroom” to meet your soul group and karmic guides who helped you plan this life.
  • Review your “spiritual plan” to discover the lessons your soul wanted
    (or needed) in this life.
  • Revise yoursoul plan as needed to reflect new insights and changing goals.
  • Identifyyour “soul-friends”:Types of “soul-mates” and their purpose in your life. Find ways to honor these sacred connections and/or heal karmic wounds.
  • Learn how fate and free-willintertwine.
  • Clarify your soul’s highest intention for this life, and explore the spiritual legacy you want to leave behind.
  • Detect clues to your purpose encoded on your day of birth.

We will be referencing Michael Newton’s book (Journey of Souls), but it is not required.

4 Tuesdays starting May 2, 2017    7-9 p.m.

Fee: $85 ($75 Early bird rate paid by April 23.) or $25 weekly
To register: (314) 275-7685 or

 Sponsored by The Soul-Esteem Center
105A Progress Parkway, Maryland Heights, MO 63043
314-ASK-SOUL (275-7685)

All classes are at The Soul-Esteem Center unless otherwise noted.