Over the years we have watched science and spirituality slowly turning toward each other, little by little closing the gap, and finally reaching out and touching each other. The common denominator is a set of laws that operate the same whether seen from a scientific, rational point of view or from an intuitive, spiritual point of view. These laws are in operation all of the time whether we’re conscious of them or not, and these laws respond to our use of them through the avenues of thought, feeling, belief and action.

One such law is the Law of Circulation. This law says that all things in the universe flow in circulation at an ever expanding rate. To expand harmony and abundance in our lives we must engage both aspects of this law in a balanced way. This means mastering both the art of giving and the art of receiving.

That’s where the problem comes in. Things are way out of balance.

Mahatma Ghandi said, “There is enough on earth for everybody’s need, but not enough for anybody’s greed.” There is enough food, energy, money, love, etc.  The problem is not one of lack, but of balance and distribution.

What can each of us do about the enormous imbalance of distribution on this planet? We can start by correcting the imbalance in our individual lives. Start by not refusing anything good that is offered to you. You cannot be a distributor of good without being a willing receiver. Learn to treat every gift you receive as a gift from the universe.

Next, stop fearfully contracting and hoarding the good you already have. Come into conscious cooperation with the Law of Circulation by giving fearlessly with no strings attached, especially to the person or place that is the source of your spiritual nourishment.

The art of becoming unconditional, generous and willing givers, as well as willing, open and grateful receivers, is the way by which we all become distributors of universal abundance and good. We become conscious and active participants in one of the most important laws of this universe.

This is what the world needs – more conscious distributors.  When each one of us becomes a distributor of good within our own realm of influence, that distribution will magnify and expand to reach the farthest corners of the world. The bottom line, this world will not demonstrate balanced distribution until we individually become balanced distributors.

Become a distributor of God’s Good!  Balance your participation in the Law of Circulation and you will become a wonderful influence for good in our world.

Affirmations About Distribute

Following are affirmations that spell “DISTRIBUTE”. Use them often every day as declarations of Truth that help you reveal the gifts with which you have been blessed, becoming a distributor of God’s Good!

Divinity: Today I draw on the divinity that lives within me as strength, confidence and peace. I let go of worry and fear.  I embrace change and step out of rigid opinions so that I become flexible and move with the Flow of Good.

Identity: I am mindful of what I think and say every time I use the words “I am.” The “I Am” of me is the God in me. Therefore, “I am strong, peace-filled, joy-filled and always aware that I live in the Sovereign Presence of God.

Surprise: Today I surprise myself! I lay aside worry and fear, I do something different, I notice something I haven’t noticed before, and I let this be a day of discovery, delight and gentle surprise!

Teachable: I let Spirit teach me something new today. I allow each encounter, every experience and every challenge act as my teacher and I receive all lessons with grace and peace.

Responsible: From this moment on I take responsibility for adjusting my every thought, word and deed away from fear and negativity toward wholeness, open-mindedness, trust and positive focus. I allow God to take charge through me.

Imagine: I can use my power of imagination to conjure up positive thought forms or negative thought forms. I can use it to be happy or unhappy. I chose to imagine myself as a vital participant in this creative Universe.  I dare to dream, to visualize and to trust in my power to create my experience as I truly desire it to be.

Beauty: Today I notice beauty where I haven’t noticed it before. I notice it beneath the ugliness. I notice it beyond the surface. I notice it all around me.  I notice it inside me. As I notice and honor beauty, I feel the touch of Spirit soothe my soul and bless my life.

Unconditional: I surrender my rigid positions, opinions and perspectives and I allow unconditional Love to move freely through my thoughts, feelings and perceptions. As a result, I am never disappointed but always inspired by the wonder of life’s goodness.

Terrific: I move beyond the idea of “normal” and “ordinary” to the concept of extraordinary and terrific!  I look upon my world through eyes that see beyond the mundane and each day I savor the intensity of deep joy and terrific life experiences!

Ease: I let go of tension and doubt as I commit myself to working without strain, moving without hurry, thinking without worry and approaching every challenge and task with grace and ease.

Phylis Clay Sparks is a professional speaker, teacher, spiritual counselor and author of SOUL-ESTEEM: The Power of Spiritual Confidence and Forgiveness … It is NOT what you think it is!  She is also the Spiritual Director and Founder of The Soul-Esteem Center, now in its twentieth year.

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