Youth Ministry

Toddlers at play At The Soul-Esteem Center we consider spiritual education, inspiration, and the awareness that God’s Presence is always available, as vital to our youth. It’s imperative they learn early in life that they are individualized expressions of God and do indeed “live and move and have their being” IN the Presence of God’s Endless Light; that the Presence is always available to guide, protect and help each of them overcome fear and confidently handle every human challenge.

The earlier in life one is exposed to this practical approach to living, the more one grows in spiritual confidence, human integrity and absolute faith, making the journey of life one of greater grace and ease rather than struggle.

The SEC Youth Ministry Staff is prepared to welcome all ages. The following groups meet during the 10:30 a.m. service:

  • Toddler care (ages newborn to 3)
  • Young Children (ages 4-7)
  • Children (ages 8-12)
  • Teens (13 +)

Youth program-4 Youth Department Focus and PhilosophyOur staff makes every effort to encourage our children and teens to explore their relationship to God and the practical application of spiritual principles in a fun-loving and accepting environment.

We use age-appropriate curriculum and materials, including the Judeo-Christian Bible along with other sacred texts and spiritually inspired material. If you have questions about the current lesson plan, feel free to contact our Youth Director, Meegan Kainady at (314) 828-6767 or email her at

Our classes offer open inquiry and discussion as our youth learn about spiritual principles and how to apply them in their everyday lives. The atmosphere is one which welcomes diversity and fosters tolerance and forgiveness. We do our best to provide a place of unconditional love and acceptance.

VolunteeringTo volunteer to as a Youth Leader, contact our Youth Director, Meegan Kainady at (314) 828-6767 or email her at You can learn more by calling our office at (314) ASK-SOUL (275-7685).

Teen & Youth Program Lessons

These lessons, activities and book suggestions have been taken from “Winning in The Game of Life” created by Spirituality for Kids. Please feel free to go to the website, look ahead at upcoming lessons, read key points, ideas and print out “My Light Book” for your child to use in class.


February 5: Denials

Denial can be a very powerful tool for freeing us from mistaken thinking about our True Nature. It also can free us from the hurts and blame of the past that may be trapped.

February 12: Valentine’s Day

We will be spending today creating gifts of love for our families, friends and spiritual family.

February 19: Affirmations

We have learned how denial can be a tool for freeing us from ideas or beliefs that no longer serve us. This week we learn that using affirmations to re-train our minds into ways of thinking that serve our True Nature and our fellow beings; enhancing our experiences in the world.

February 26: Co-Creating

This lesson builds on the ideas of denials and affirmations. These tools establish for us the power of thoughts when we align our thinking with God-mind. Joining consciously with God enables us to become co-creators of our world.

March 5: Thoughts & Feelings

In our daily lives, our thoughts and feelings guide us all the time, but we are not always aware of it. However, we can choose to focus on thoughts and feelings that guide us in the direction of our True selves.

March 12: What is Prayer?

Prayer can be an abstract concept. Many traditions present the idea of prayer as asking God for something. We express the idea that prayer is a spiritual activity where we remember our conscious Oneness with God and our God-selves. We will be discussing affirmative prayer and learning the 7 R’s of Declarative Prayer, taught by Rev. Phylis.

March 19: Prayer Changes Me, Not God

In the begging type of prayer, people ask God to change “his” mind and give them what they want. In this lesson, we explore that God is All-Good, does not change when we pray—we are the ones who change. We become more open to the active presence of God in our lives; we open our hearts to forgive; we develop a grateful heart for all our blessings, even the ones in disguise.

March 26: The Highest Good for All

When we pray, we are consciously connecting with the good that God is. That good is present and available for everyone; and in fact, seeks to express itself in everyone and in every situation. What we pray for ourselves we are actually holding for others. Praying for the highest and best for everyone involved in a prayer request helps us to align ourselves in a greater way with the Good flowing in a wonderful and often unexpected way.