One of the most helpful tools to assist you in making your consciousness U-turns are declarations, or affirmations, designed to reprogram the mind. Here is an alphabetical list that addresses specific areas of concern from Soul-Esteem: The Power of Spiritual Confidence by Phylis Clay Sparks. You may also use this as a guide in creating your own declarations.

Abundance – I rest secure in God’s abundance as I open myself to the unlimited and inexhaustible supply of this great universe.

Acceptance – I suspend all resistance, resentment, or rebellion as I move into poise and acceptance, knowing that the workings of Spirit are safe and easy.

Action – I let fear and procrastination melt away as I translate Spirit’s loving energy into perfect right action.

Anger – I lift myself above the insanity of anger and let Love restore my peace, calm my fears and bless my relationships with joy.

Anxiety – As I focus my attention upon peace, my trust in God is renewed, my body relaxes and anxiety dissolves into freedom and harmony.

waterfall, photo by Diliff

Beauty – I now turn my attention to that which is beautiful—a flower, a baby, a sunset, or the sound of music—and I am lifted into gratitude and the ecstasy of God’s Kingdom.  

Body – I honor, respect and bless my physical body as excellent in all respects and as a magnificent vehicle for the expression of God’s perfect Life Force.

Career – My perfect life’s work is that which is before me to do in every present moment; it is divinely inspired and serves to give my soul expression.

Change and Transition – I confidently surrender to the flowing changes of life with a forgiving mind and a flexible spirit.

Choice – I acknowledge my  power of choice as a divine attribute and from this moment on I make bold, confident choices inspired by Spirit.

Conscience  My conscience reflects my Holy Self. It is my inner guide and the divine compass of every action I take.

Courage – I claim the quality of courage that lifts me out of fear and into the power of Love before which all obstacles vanish.

Death – I relinquish all fear about death and recognize it as nothing more than the turning of a page, the movement from one room to another and the ongoingness of Life eternal.

Decision – I make my choices confidently and precisely as I invoke the quick and perfect response of Spirit. 

rainbow, photo by tpsdaveDepression – I pull myself out of the depths of hopelessness by choosing life, and with my choice I rise out of doom into the glory of hope.

Desire – As I let go of ego-longings, I make it my highest desire to live my life in peaceful accordance with the harmonies of Spirit.

Divine Inheritance – Nothing can keep me from the Love of God, a peaceful heart, and abundant living.  This is my Divine Inheritance.

Doubt – As I practice the presence of God, I release all doubt.  My thoughts are clear, my feelings are focused on love, and I execute my every action with confidence and ease.

Ease – I let go of the idea of struggle and I gracefully move into a sense of ease in everything I think, say and do.

Ego – Every day my ego-self surrenders more and more to the Higher Self of my being so that I function as a power-presence: confident, loving, joy-filled and happy.

Empowerment – I release any ego-desire to manipulate or control as I call forth the authentic power that lives at the center of my being.  I function from a place of integrity, sincerity and loving intention.

Energy – Unlimited Universal Energy moves  through me and as me to accomplish every undertaking with strength and vitality.

Enthusiasm – Enthusiasm is God within inspiring me to live with passion in a state of joyful participation and positive expectation.


Envy – I know that nothing can be personally owned but everything is mine to enjoy, honor and embrace with lightness and peace.

Evil – I put on the armor of Light and I step into the Truth that God’s goodness prevails and fills all the dark places.

Faith – Love is perfecting all that concerns me. I embody the faith of God and go forward with spiritual confidence and inner peace.

Fear – I call forth my power of will to calm my fears and move me into God’s Love with confidence, courage and unbending faith.

Forgiveness – I now transform my perception of those who seem to be acting as adversaries, and I see them as powerful teachers in my life.

Giving – I turn my attention from any form of getting and get busy giving to life through my ideas, talents, self-expression and loving compassion.

God’s Will – God’s Will is the highest vision for my life and expresses through me now as my highest thought, feeling, belief and action.

Grace – I upgrade all personal effort and striving to a state of mind that allows the power of God to move through me as spiritual poise, rhythmic self-expression and gentle power.

Gratitude – I move into gratitude and thanksgiving for the many blessings in my life, knowing that I am already blessed with whatever it is that I desire or need.

Guidance – My sense of intuition is attuned to God’s direction as I move ahead with spiritual confidence—free from fear and trusting Infinite Wisdom to make clear my way before me.

plant, photo by SayaSukaPisan

Habits – I now use my power of will to choose new habits of life that are healthy patterns of respect for my body, mind and spirit.

Happiness – I stop seeking happiness outside myself, realizing that I am already surrounded by and infilled with the Holy Presence of God. This is true happiness.

Harmony – I see beyond the difficulties of the human world and see God’s wholeness and harmony taking place in all my concerns.

Health – I call forth a consciousness of health that corresponds with the Divine Standard in the Mind of God.

Heart – My heart is cleansed of all heaviness and hurt and is filled with the joy and lightness of Holy Spirit.

Heaven on Earth – I am lifted beyond self-concerns into a loving openness and peaceful acceptance that creates for me a heaven on Earth.

Inspire – I now arouse the Divine Influence within me to shine forth as unlimited energy, ideals, passion and creativity.

Joy – I let the Light of Joy fill my soul and bubble up to saturate my heart and mind with fearless rejoicing.

Judgment – I move off any willful positions and release all critical judgment. In doing so I find profound peace and oneness with all that is.

Life – I am plugged into the Infinite, charged with Life, energized by Spirit and powered by God!


Life Eternal – I know that beyond my human experience of life, my soul lives as a part of God’s Life—a part of Life Eternal.

Light – All darkness and fear are dissolved as the Light of God surrounds me and fills me with Its radiance.

Loneliness – I am never lonely, for God’s Love comforts me, soothes my pain and lifts my soul into loving self-expression.

Love – Divine Love now dissolves all difficulties, heals all sense of separation, and reminds me that I am one with God.

Mind – As I use my mind to think only the highest possible thoughts, the Mind of God expresses through my every idea and vision.

Money – The energy of money is flowing freely in my life. I accept and handle it with love and spiritual confidence.

Nonjudgment – I let go of the need to be right as I place my attention upon balance, open-mindedness and infinite possibility.

Old Age – I am youthing as the cells of my body vibrate to the Divine Standard. I am vibrant, whole and alive with Spirit.

Order – I cooperate with the high idea of divine order. Everything is in its right place at the right time for the highest good of all.

Past – I accept that the past has brought me to this place in time on my perfect path to self-realization, and I release all that has gone before with love and gratitude.

flower, photo by ParvinPatience – I place all that concerns me in a pattern of unfoldment that is in God’s time, not mine. I relax and know that all is well.

Peace – I surrender all tension and negative emotion as I stop trying so hard and I let peace prevail in every cell of my body and in every thought and feeling.

Plenty – I know there is plenty of love, plenty of energy, plenty of joy, and plenty of trust in God’s abundance in my life right now.

Power – The power of God’s Love and Wisdom now replaces any temptation to force, control or manipulate as I let go and let God.

Power-Presence – As I let God’s attributes express as my attributes, I become a power-presence in my world.

Prosperity – I allow God’s unlimited energy to flow through me and all of my affairs, dissolving all blocks and prospering my life in unlimited ways.

Purpose – My purpose is to give, love and serve, and I bring that purpose to every activity, large and small.

Relationships – I surrender all neediness as I open myself to right relationships. All of my interactions are temples of learning within which to experience love, cooperation and harmonious expression.


Release – I surrender the need to control or cling to any person, place or thing, and I am free and willing to make new choices. I am supported, guided and protected by God and know that nothing can be truly lost or abandoned.

Respect – As a child of God, I attract respect in every circumstance. I likewise treat others with love and respect.

Risk – Risk is not a danger, but a doorway to greater living. I choose my next step wisely and confidently.

Search – I need not search in desperate need, for the Presence of God lights my path and clears the way before me.

Self-Esteem – I call forth the spiritual confidence that lives within my soul to shine forth as self-esteem in my human experience.

Spiritual Confidence – I raise the level of my human self-confidence as I allow a deeper confidence to emerge from the depths of my God-Essence.


Success – I see myself as successful as I learn from my mistakes and take the next steps with courage and spiritual confidence.

Synchronicity – I expect God’s clues to show up in the right way and at the right time as synchronistic events that meet my needs in every present moment.

Thoughts – My thoughts are the highest possible intentions and I see in my mind’s eye only truth, beauty and wholeness for everyone.

Time – I spend my time in a way that is filled with joy and peace and create a continuum of powerful new now moments.

Truth – I now stand tall in the sincerity and integrity of God’s Truth and surrender the opinions of my human ego to the grander Truth which harmonizes all situations in my life.

Will – My will is my director, and I let it be used by the Will of God to make wise choices and decisions through me in support of my life purpose.

Wisdom – Divine Wisdom directs me and guides me in making the best for everyone’s highest good.

Work – I am attracted to work that supports my life purpose. I bring dedication, enthusiasm and creativity to my work no matter what it is that I find myself doing in the moment.

Worry – All worry is now replaced by unwavering faith that Spirit is moving through all that concerns me and directing my attention to that which is constructive, productive and rooted in peace.

waterfall photo by diliff
rainbow photo by tpsdave
seedling photo by SayaSukaPisan
flower photo by Parvin
river photo by Mark Elliott