Prayer for Career, Job and Success

hillsideDeclarative Prayer
I now stand tall in the sincerity and integrity of God’s Truth. I surrender the opinions of my human ego to the grander Truth which harmonizes all situations and brings wisdom to every choice. God’s Love prevails, as I grant Divine Wisdom victory over confusion, hesitation, procrastination, worry and fear. May my power of will be used by the Will of God to make wise choices and decisions in support of my true place success. I am being attracted to the work that supports my life purpose. There is a new level of dedication, enthusiasm and creativity being is brought to what I am now doing, and that vibration of loving service is drawing to me that which will reveal the next steps into joy, success and fulfillment. And so it is.

Prayer Sustaining Affirmation
I join with God, and allow the healing forces of Spirit to bring the best of myself into expression. I am empowered to find and do the work my soul is reaching for. I do not have to struggle, I do not have to fight, I do not have to win, I only have to know.