Prayer for Guidance

mountainsDeclarative Prayer
As I move into a place of peace and neutral receptivity, I acknowledge the presence of God and allow that presence to move through me unobstructed right now.

In this atmosphere of peace, I speak my word, knowing that as I declare the Truth, God’s Love and Wisdom responds perfectly for my highest good and the highest good of everyone concerned. Where there seems to be confusion there is only right decision. Doubt is transformed into trust; disruption into harmony; chaos into order.

I am lifted into the kingdom of peace, letting go of resistance and flowing with the guidance that is showing up as I walk confidently into the future, awake to possibilities, open to new ideas, willing to act upon that which is before me to do without fear. I know beyond any doubt that ALL IS WELL. And so it is!

Prayer Sustaining Affirmation
I am awake and alert to Divine guidance and I respond with grace, ease and willingness as I carry out whatever action is before me to do. I do it without doubt, without fear, without making it hard or difficult, and with enthusiasm, creativity and integrity. All is well!