Prayer for Peace

bridge500Declarative Prayer
I call forth an awareness of God’s soothing, comforting energy of peace. It is in this place of calm assurance that I declare the Truth of Being.

I take this time out from human effort and stop for a moment to savor the peace and harmony that surrounds me in this moment beyond the busyness of the human drama. All worry is now replaced by unwavering faith that Spirit is moving through all that concerns me, and directing my attention to that which is constructive, productive and rooted in peace. Everything falls into place in the right way and at the right time.

I use my mind to think only the highest possible thoughts as I let the Mind of God express through my every idea and action. All is well and peace is restored. And so it is!

Prayer Sustaining Affirmation
I surrender all tension and negative emotion as I stop trying so hard and I let peace prevail in every cell of my body and in every thought and feeling. I become the peace that I seek.