Prayer for Prosperity

universe, image by mendhakDeclarative Prayer
I allow myself to luxuriate in the Presence of God as I recognize the richness and abundance of this great universe. I clear my own mind of all concepts of limitation, lack or fear and declare the Truth of God’s unlimited Flow for everyone concerned.

I declare the Truth that I live, move and have my being in a Divine and Limitless Principle of Abundant Life. Beyond the appearance of restriction or limitation is the free flowing river of abundance moving through everything concerning me, translating Itself into that which meets every need and opening the doors of possibility, new ideas, and confident action.

The Truth is, there is plenty of love, plenty of faith, plenty of energy, plenty of joy, plenty of money and plenty of trust in God’s abundance right now! From this moment on every step is taken with courage, faith, a spirit of givingness, and renewed vitality. Thank you, God, for the Blessings that are flowing and growing in my life —starting right now! And so it is.

Prayer Sustaining Affirmation
I allow God’s unlimited energy to flow through me and all of my affairs, dissolving fear and prospering my life in unlimited ways. I am alert and aware in every moment to the Divine guidance which lights my way. I respond and take action fearlessly.

image by mendhak