Prayer for Relationships

Couple Holding Hands at Sea SunsetDeclarative Prayer
I prepare myself by sliding into an awareness of my loving, trusting and complete relationship with the God of my Being. That relationship brings the conviction of Love into this Declaration of Truth.

I remember that right relationships are reflections of the One right relationship with God. I let doubt, fear and unbelief fall away as that One right relationship is accepted, realized and revealed in this moment of Truth. May all sense of neediness, loneliness, or feelings of anger, hurt or separation be surrendered into the knowing that all interactions are temples of learning.

Divine Love is dissolving all difficulties, healing all sense of separation, and reminding me that my relationship with God is perfect and that perfection is reflecting itself in all interactions with others of God’s creation.

Prayer Sustaining Affirmation
I surrender all feelings of separation as I rejoice in my Oneness with God and the glory of that blessed relationship. I approach all people with a clear recognition of my wholeness reflecting itself in mutual cooperation, respect and opportunities to give and receive God’s love.