Prayer for Health and Healing

beachDeclarative Prayer
As I center myself in the wholeness of the One Perfect Life, I acknowledge that God’s Love is flowing perfectly through every part of my mind, body and soul as I speak the Truth.

I call forth a consciousness of health that corresponds with the Divine Standard in the Mind of God. Right now I am lifted beyond fearful concerns and into a loving openness and peaceful acceptance that beyond all appearances, Divine Harmony prevails. The Divine Influence within me is aroused and shines forth as correction, healing, adjustment, and cleansing of negativity, false beliefs and erroneous judgments.

I am charged with Life, energized by Spirit and powered by God! And so it is.

Prayer Sustaining Affirmation
I know that beyond my human experience of life, the Truth is that I am plugged into the Infinite, cleansed of resentments, heaviness and hurt, and filled with the joy and lightness of Holy Spirit. I am restored. I am whole. I am the reflection of the Divine Standard.