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Rev. Phylis Clay Sparks at The Soul-Esteem Center

Rev. Phylis Clay Sparks


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APRIL, 2017

April 23: You Talkin’ To Me? by Diane McClain

  Listen to Diane’s uplifting and inspirational message. AUDIO: To listen to the message, click the microphone above. You can also download an mp3 file of the audio (on a PC, right click on the link – on a Mac, control click on the link).

April 16: Resurrecting Your God-Self

  On this Easter Sunday, let us celebrate the springtime of our souls! Let’s take a look at the history and symbolism of the Easter story and how we can make that experience a reality in our personal lives. Let’s resurrect our Divine Nature and turn it loose in our human experience! Let’s realize that

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April 9: You Are the “I AM”

  As we approach Easter Sunday and what it represents, join Rev. Phylis in coming to grips with who we really are from the God perspective, so that we may celebrate the resurrection of our true selves! Rediscover the true “I Am” of you as you heal any separation between yourself and Creator. What a

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April 2: Join the Spirit PTA, Guest Speaker Steffany Barton

  If you’re looking to enhance your communication with spirit, consider the PTA. In this message, Steffany will outline easy steps to growing and enhancing a flawless way to hear, see, and know spirit in the everyday world. Her new take on PTA is Patience, Trust, and Affirmation! AUDIO: To listen to the message, click

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MARCH, 2017

March 26: Abundance is Yours Now!

  Spend time reflecting upon what the teachings of Jesus can reveal about your habit patterns having to do with abundance in all its many forms. How prepared are you to see through and beyond your human experience and to touch the world of God’s extravagant Nature? Sounds good, doesn’t it?! Then climb aboard, set

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March 19: Money, Distance and Demand

  This is an opportunity to examine how you might be influencing the amount of distance between you and money, and what that might have to do with the distance between you and other relationships in your life, including God. Think about the demands you place upon yourself and God, and what that has to

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March 12: Seed Money in Action!

  Join Rev. Phylis as she reminds us all about how powerful we are as spiritual beings having a human experience. Because everything is an idea before it takes form, learn what you can do in the realms of thought, feeling and action about manifesting even more of God’s good in your life! Participate in

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March 5: Making Friends with Money

  Whether one has a lot of money, very little money, or just enough money, it’s an eye-opening discovery to realize what one’s mental and emotional relationship with money actually is, and how it might be affecting the quality of one’s entire life. Come explore why even Jesus put such a huge emphasis in his

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February 26: The Principle of All-Sufficiency

  A “principle” is a basic truth that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or behavior. Is principle for you one of lack and limitation, or is your principle-centered belief anchored in an unwavering trust in God’s abundant supply? Take this opportunity to make adjustments to your thinking and feeling with respect

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February 19: Receiving Love More Fully

  How often do you feel loved beyond measure? Do you recognize love when it comes to embrace you? How would you define it? Are you open to be loved, or are the walls of separation so high that love has a hard time finding your heart? Come spend some time with Rev. Phylis acknowledging

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February 12: Falling in Love with God

  How much time do you spend declaring and truly feeling your love for God, rather than expecting God to shower His love upon you? This being the Sunday closest to Valentine’s Day, we might consider how important and beneficial it is to make falling in love with God our number one priority. When we

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February 5: The Moron Club

  This isn’t to imply that anyone present to hear this message is a moron! It’s just a light-hearted way of noticing how often we all forget who we really are as blessed expressions of a loving and all-powerful Creator. Let’s join with Rev. Phylis in examining the way in which most of us routinely

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