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Rev. Phylis Clay Sparks at The Soul-Esteem Center

Rev. Phylis Clay Sparks


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JUNE, 2017

June 25: Let Every Person Be Our Teacher

  Join Rev. Phylis as she guides you into a look at life, living and learning that just might offer a higher, newer, and more effective way to lift and enjoy your journey. Are you ready? Are you willing? That’s what it takes to be able to learn from every person, every experience, and every

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June 18: Where There Is Doubt, Faith

  This is an opportunity to dig deeply into ways to replace doubt with unshakable faith, and to honor doubt when it leads you out of fear and into faith. What could be more important than that?! The highest level of faith is inner knowing, and knowing that you know! What a wonderful thing to

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June 11: The Mystery of Transformation

  Join Rev. Phylis in examining the remarkable stages of growth and change that we all go through as we remember who we really are! Examine the process of transformation and the incredible mental, emotional and physical unfolding that happens when we allow ourselves to engage in the journey, never letting setbacks, obstacles or challenges

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June 4: The Turning Point

  Have you ever found yourselves at a turning point in life? Of course you have. The question is, how do you react when you face a turning point? What do you do? How do you feel, and how do you make sure you stop turning when you’re facing in the right direction? Whatever the

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MAY, 2017

May 28: The Power of Reinterpretation

  The Master advised that we “judge not according to appearance.” Join Rev. Phylis as she points out the amazing benefits of seeing things and interpreting things from a perspective beyond the apparent dramas of life. Learn about the value of softening your opinions, breaking the mold of limiting habits, and discovering the value and

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