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Signed Copy of Soul-Esteem: The Power of Spiritual Confidence


Get a signed copy of Soul-Esteem, which is about learning to march to your own Drummer. It’s about letting your own rhythm of life surface – really allowing spiritual freedom to happen. It’s about cultivating soul-esteem.

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    “Phylis Clay Sparks has given us a wonderful gift. The tools she outlines in Soul-Esteem, The Power of Spiritual Confidence are practical, easy to use, and provide a mechanism to search your subconscious for those hidden motivators.

    I’m a self evaluator and meditator from way back, but I was still surprised by the underlying, thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that one session with the Soul-Math Formula worksheet uncovered!
    If you love Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, and Alan Cohen, then you’ll love Phylis Clay Sparks. She speaks from a higher voice, one that resonates within all of us.”

    – Kay Losciuto

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    “The power of our thought has been brought forth by so many authors, but have you ever changed your thought about something, and nothing changed. That’s because there is more to the creative process than just your thought. As Phylis Clay Sparks makes very clear in her book, the creative process includes all 4 elements of thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions. It is a process that is always working whether you like the end result or not. She will teach you how to diagnose your creative process, so you can use your feedom of choice and decision to consciously bring your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions into alighnment with that which you desire. Phylis leads the reader through an easy, clear process called The Soul-Math Formula to diagnose where you are now, and where you want to be. It seems to be a process that can be applied to any situation.

    Her “Emotionometer” shows the reader the emotions that lead you out of the lower emotions of fear and its affects. This book helps the reader re-create their desires in a very logical, systematical way. This book is a must for anyone who wants to make lasting improvements to their life. Phylis has brought all the aspects of the creative process together in one formula.”

    – Chris Bryant

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