I recently delivered a Sunday message entitled The Law of Laws, and in it I reminded everyone that this thing we call “life” operates according to Law. The Law of Laws I refer to is the law that Paul speaks of in his message to the Corinthians when he says: “… He which soweth sparingly shall reap also sparingly; and he which soweth bountifully shall reap also bountifully.” And in his message to the Galatians, Paul put it this way: “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”

Sowing and reaping is a metaphor for giving and receiving. Ralph Waldo Emerson referred to it as the law of compensation. It was Emerson who declared the law of compensation the “law of laws.” This law governs the flow of prosperity. In order to receive one must give. This Law is at the root of the flow of universal abundance.

As we watch our government struggle with economic crisis, we might notice how the law of giving and receiving is being violated with selfishness, greed, ego, fear, a “getting” mentality, manipulation for political gain, the need to be right, and on and on. The result will always be according to law. Our country, as a collective consciousness, will reap what it sows. And each individual, depending upon how much one is influenced by general fear-thought, emotional resentment, critical judgment and fear-based contracting action, will likewise reap what they sow.

I have always been taught, as a spiritually trained metaphysical thinker, that I am always protected and taken care of by the Presence of God. I believe that the intention of Universal Intelligence, or God, is peace, harmony, wholeness, abundance and well-being. I refuse to be controlled or touched by the obvious political and self-serving nonsense that is happening in today’s world. You need not be controlled by it either.

The human mind is an extremely powerful thing, but it’s important to realize that the mind can hold only one conscious thought at a time. So whatever your most dominate thought might be, that’s where your mind focuses. The more your mind focuses on that thought, the more your feelings and emotions get behind it and the more rapidly it becomes a reality in your life. That’s the law.

Somewhere, locked deep inside your unconscious memories are your accumulated beliefs about money and abundance. You might ask yourself, “Do I generally find myself focusing my mind on thoughts like “There’s always more than enough”, or thoughts like “Someday the supply will end or run out,” or “What if this”, or “What if that?”

You see, abundance is both a mind-set as well as an economic truth. The economic truth about abundance is that there are more than enough resources for everyone. The economic truth about lack is that thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions that resonate with poverty, greed, contraction, unwise choices, selfishness and egomania will produce struggle, suffering and more lack and limitation. A lack consciousness, focused over time on this kind of fear-thought, will cause contraction, hoarding of money and loss of happiness. The simple fact is, one must give in order to receive. We all reap what we sow. It’s the law.

Phylis Clay Sparks is a professional speaker, teacher, spiritual counselor and author of SOUL-ESTEEM: The Power of Spiritual Confidence and Forgiveness … It is NOT what you think it is!  She is also the Spiritual Director and Founder of The Soul-Esteem Center, now in its twentieth year.

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