Have you asked yourself, “Where did the summer go?!” Or, “What happened to September?!” Before we know it, Thanksgiving and Christmas will be memories and we’ll be shouting “Happy New Year!”  What’s going on? It seems as though life is passing us by like a speeding bullet. If it feels like that to you, you’re not alone.

Almost everyone is feeling as though time is speeding up – a phenomenon that has a basis in scientific fact.  Many years ago scientists discovered that the earth gives off a pulse, much like a heartbeat. For thousands of years that heartbeat has been stable at 7.8Hz or cycles per second. This is known as the Schumann Cavity Resonance. But around 1980, the Earth’s heartbeat began speeding up. It currently measures 12Hz. Some say that when it reaches 13 cycles per second the earth will stop rotating and start spinning in the opposite direction, causing a polar shift.

Nobody really knows if this will actually happen, or when. But one thing is for sure; the earth’s increasing pulse rate has an effect on all of us. We are biologically tuned in to the pulse beat of Mother Earth. What we once perceived to be a period of 24 hours might now feel like 16 hours. It isn’t easy to get one’s mind around that concept because there are still 24 hours in a day. But it feels different. It feels as though our days are sawed off, our time is limited and our to-do list is getting longer rather than shorter.

Consider another possibility. What if this time phenomenon is yet another opportunity to exercise our spiritual muscle? What if we actually have the power to expand time rather than be victimized by it?

Have you noticed that if you’re running late for an appointment and it seems physically impossible for you to arrive on time, that if you declare yourself to be in the right place at the right time and relax into that statement with absolute trust, somehow you miraculously arrive on time? Or, even if you are late so is everyone else, which means that you’re actually there on time? When I complain about having too much to do, or about being overwhelmed, I do nothing more than attract more overwhelm. But when I relax and declare that I have enough time to accomplish everything, somehow time seems to expand to serve my every need.

Maybe it’s time that we all stop, slow down, take a deep breath and declare the Truth that God’s time is unlimited, abundant and supportive of everything that concerns us. Perhaps it’s time to take charge of time, make time, spend time, bend time and put time in its place. Time is a phenomenon of the three-dimensional human world, not a reality in the timeless world of God’s Universe. Let’s put God first on our to-do list and then check our human chores off with grace and ease and watch how much we can accomplish. We may even have time left over! Isn’t it about time?!

Affirmations About Time

Following are affirmations that spell “TIME”. Use them often each day as declarations of Truth that remind you about the power you have to manage your power as well as your time. Remember that God’s Love transcends time.

Teamwork:  I partner with God as I navigate the human world of time, space and possibilities. Our teamwork provides me with ideas, guidance, support and inspiration that lifts me and moves me through life with grace and ease. There is always enough time to carry out my every intention.

Increase:  I approach today with an attitude of plenty; plenty of time, resources, energy, love, and plenty of constructive ideas. I see the principle of increase thriving in my world and in everything that touches my life.

Manage: Today I do my co-creative part by wisely managing my use of time, energy, thought and money. I am mindful of every word I speak, every action I take and every temptation to limit my abilities, my time, my prosperity and my experience of life.

Empower:  My oneness with God empowers me. “I can of mine own self do nothing. The Father that dwelleth in me, He doeth the works.” (John 5:30)  Everything I do, I do with this awareness, and I always remember, “I can do all things through Him that strenghteneth me!” Yes! I am empowered.

Phylis Clay Sparks is a professional speaker, teacher, spiritual counselor and author of SOUL-ESTEEM: The Power of Spiritual Confidence and Forgiveness … It is NOT what you think it is!  She is also the Spiritual Director and Founder of The Soul-Esteem Center, now in its twentieth year.

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